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Pioneers in solutions
for non-payment

Pioneers in solutions
for non-payment

Recover your unpaid invoices

We are at your disposal to professionalise, streamline and recover your unpaid invoices where the debtors are Spanish and/or Portuguese companies. We have the solutions for non-payment. We strive for success.

solutions for non-payment: OUT OF COURT


  • We help companies to recover debts by implementing a rigorous and precise method that enables recovery in the short term.
  • At CREDIT BACK  we only get paid if you get back your unpaid invoices.
  • Our system identifies the debtor’s willingness to pay, mediating and facilitating payment.
  • The debtor will be informed individually of their situation and will be offered the opportunity to regularise it in order to protect the good image of solvency and commitment of their company.
Recover your unpaid invoices JUDICIAL


  • Once the out-of-court recovery phase is completed, we develop a judicial strategy tailored to each debtor.
  • We have a specialised legal team for domestic recoveries.
  • At the international level, we claim from the debtor’s country of origin.
  • CREDIT BACK assumes the entire cost of the legal claim process, including lawyers, court fees, solicitors and the costs for the execution of judicial titles.
  • Our fees are based on a percentage of the recovery stipulated by contract.
Recover your unpaid invoices JUDICIAL
Recover your unpaid invoices Portfolio Purchase


  • If your company needs liquidity and does not have time to reclaim its debts, CREDIT BACK  acquires portfolios of bad debts from national and/or international debtors.
  • The portfolio must be composed of enforceable debt and with the supporting documentation for the debt to be claimed.


  • We assist insolvency administrations in the recovery of credit rights at no cost, both extrajudicially and judicially.
  • Optionally, we can quote and purchase portfolios of bad debts, offering immediate liquidity to the bankruptcy proceeding.

Quality Policy

CREDIT BACK aims to provide a quality service that is a true reflection of the expectations of each client and collaborator, meeting all requirements, thus ensuring total satisfaction and the long-term success of your company.

Therefore, it establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

1 | The quality of service is the result of planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement in all CREDIT BACK processes.

2 | The contractual requirements, wishes and expectations of our stakeholders are the only criteria for setting the quality standard of our services.

3 | Each CREDIT BACK employee is responsible for effective quality management, in their own and others’ tasks. Those responsible for CREDIT BACK’s processes must promote the implementation of the Quality policy and objectives, verifying their execution through audits and encouraging continuous improvement in all areas.

4 | CREDIT BACK is actively committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations at all times, including environmental, labour and any other applicable laws and regulations.

5 | The implementation of this policy requires the active integration of the company’s entire human resources team. For all these reasons, the management considers motivation and training for quality to be a priority.

6 | CREDIT BACK is committed to continuous improvement, compliance with established legislation to prevent accidents in its work and that of others, and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and other commitments that the company subscribes to, whether voluntarily or to the customer, that apply to all its activities.

Proactive and responsible management
Our model of good governance and compliance, together with the fair treatment of credit recipients, protects the good reputation of our clients.