Information is control and peace of mind

Information is control
and peace of mind

Icono de petición de recobro y su seguimiento hasta el rescate de la deuda.
Icono de petición de recobro y su seguimiento hasta el rescate de la deuda.

Accessibility and transparency

The companies we work with can view the status of their debt recoveries by clicking on the Customer Area link on our website. We prepare monthly reports on the portfolio’s status and development, in terms of economic return and progress, with individualised traceability for each debtor.

We have developed a proprietary software that encompasses the entire debt recovery cycle.

Our customers can audit the traceability of the files we are handling at any stage of the process.

We create a bank account for each customer, where they can access and verify what part of the debt has been recovered, at any time.

If they wish, debtors can access the debt claimed by CREDIT BACK at any time, by clicking on the Download your invoices link.

CREDIT BACK is a member of ANGECO (National Association of Collection Management Organisations) in Spain and of FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations) for international operations; and we actively abide by the Rules of Conduct that apply to our relationship with our customers and debtors.

Quality policy

CREDIT BACK aims to provide a quality service that is a true reflection of each customer’s and partner’s expectations, meeting all requirements and ensuring your total satisfaction and your company’s long-term success.

CREDIT BACK has established, enunciates and abides by the following principles:

1) The service’s quality is the result of planned, systematic prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement actions implemented in all of CREDIT BACK’s processes.

2) Our stakeholders’ contractual requirements, wishes and expectations are the sole criteria by which we set our services’ quality standards.

3) Each CREDIT BACK employee is responsible for effective quality management, in both the tasks performed personally and those performed by others. The people who manage CREDIT BACK’s processes are responsible for driving implementation of our Quality policy and goals, verifying effective performance by means of audits and fostering continuous improvement in all areas.


Icono de servicio de recuperación de deudas de empresas
Icono de servicio de recuperación de deudas de empresas

4) CREDIT BACK actively undertakes to comply with applicable legislation at all times, including environmental, labour and any other applicable legislation.

5) A prerequisite for effective application of this policy is the active integration of the company’s entire human team. To ensure this, motivation and training for quality are considered priority areas by the company’s Management.

6) CREDIT BACK is committed to continuous improvement, compliance with accident prevention legislation, both in the work performed by it and by others, and strict observance of the legal and regulatory requirements and other undertakings made by the company, either voluntarily or requested by customers, that may be applicable to any of its activities.