We buy defaults
in Spain and Portugal

We buy defaults
in Spain and Portugal

At CREDIT BACK we are specialists in the purchase of non-payment bills from companies and bankruptcy administrations, whether national or international.

The CREDIT BACK formula provides an innovative methodology as a solution to the collection of commercial debts, differentiating us from traditional collection solutions.

Since our inception in the sector, we have proven to be able to provide short-term results and without any expense for our clients.

Company certified by AENOR in accordance with its management system of the ISO 9001-2015 standard, with Company Registration certificate No. ER-0078/2018.

Do you want to remedy your unpaid bills?

If you want us to take care of solving this situation, leave us your information and we will contact you.

If your company has unpaid invoices, at CREDIT BACK we help you with an innovative and pioneering method for collecting non-payments.

If you are a bankruptcy administration and you need liquidity before filing the procedure, at CREDIT BACK we can be your tool and offer you a solution for the recovery of credit rights.

If you are a debtor of ours and you find yourself lacking liquidity due to defaults, CREDIT BACK can offer you solutions to recover them and be able to solve your situation.

Accessibility and transparency

The companies we work with can check the status of recoveries through the Client Area link on this website. To do this, we prepare monthly reports on the status and development of portfolio management, in terms of economic return and progress, with individualized traceability for each debtor. In addition, we have customized software that covers the entire debtor recovery cycle.

Our success is your success

Save time and resources so you can focus on running your business.

Protect your brand image with all the guarantees.

We assume all the costs of management and claim of the non-payment both in an amicable way and in court.

Optimize the time of collection of your invoices through CREDIT BACK.